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How Global Study Link accelerated its lead management, enhanced their customer relationships and streamlined their social media management with Zoho Suite Subscription

The Challenge:

Global Study Link is a global educational consultancy that provides the budding generation of young masterminds an opportunity to spread their wings of education outside the boundaries of our country. As the business grew, it was hard for them to accurately distribute and track leads d...

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Oho Solutions Overcoming Challenges in The Healthcare Industry
Medivasz Pvt Limited, a healthcare company specializing in organizing medical camps, faced several complex challenges in their operations. However, they found a reliable partner in Oho Solutions, a leading technology provider. Oho Solutions stepped in to address and resolve the various...
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How Infinity Traders streamlined its sales management and enhanced their customer relationships with Zoho products
The Challenge:

Infinity Traders is a leading electronic wholesale trading company wherein various electronic products are transported to numerous retail stores at different locations. Keeping a track of the inventory and mapping their serial numbers for warranty registration was getting harder as the...
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Introducing OHO Solutions: Pioneers in Revolutionizing Fleet Vehicle Management
In the world of fleet vehicle management, companies face various challenges in staying organized and efficient. OHO Solutions is a company that has excelled at solving these challenges. We offer customizable software solutions that have trans...
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Enhancing E-commerce Efficiency with Zoho Integration

This extract showcases the challenges faced by Spicebasket and how they utilized various Zoho products to overcome them and achieve seamless efficiency in their daily operations. In this article, we will go deep into the problems Spicebasket encountered, such as lead collection complexities fro...

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How can business automation be utilized to overcome managerial issues in a company?

Resolving the diverse and distinct needs of each business requires more than a single solution. This is where the integration of 

multiple products and customization tailored to individual customer requirements becomes crucial in maximizing business efficiency.

 To gain a clearer understandi...

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How to use business automation to solve management issues at an educational facility?

Addressing individual and diverse needs in the academic field cannot be solved with a single product. It requires a combination of various products and customization based on the client's requirements. To illustrate this, let's consider a real-life case study of Brototype , the one which tutors comp...

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How to resolve the managerial problems in a clinical diagnostic centre through business automation?

Every business has unique and different needs. Catering for all of it through a single product can never be the solution. This is where integration of various products and customisation according to the customer comes in to step up the efficacy of business. Let us understand this better by taking a ...

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Driver LogisticsĀ 

Driver Logistics is a leading third-party company in South India with extensive logistics experience. Driver Logistics is a significant logistics service provider with industry-leading performance. You may utilize their service to make order fulfillment, distribution, and transportation operations m...

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